Founded in 2016, Untapped Scholars, Inc. strives to be highly effective and innovative in assisting underrepresented youth in their efforts to pursue a degree in STEM.


Founders & Board of Directors

Darryl Wells jr.

(Executive Director, Co-Founder)

Darryl Wells Jr., born and raised in St. Louis, MO., has always had an affinity for working with at-risk youth. His passion was sparked while participating in inner city summer camps and later serving as a tutor for several years. Faced with times of difficulty, Darryl graduated from Oklahoma State University with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Following financial struggles, which cast shadows of whether or not he would graduate, Darryl began laying the groundwork for Untapped Scholars. As Executive Director, Darryl hopes to encourage students to be trailblazers in their communities by being an example of the progression one can make when faced with adversity.

josh johnson

(Director, Co-Founder)

Born and raised in Saint Louis City, where obstacles seem to come more frequently than opportunities, Josh Johnson, sees a world in which everyone can win. In addition to teaming with three childhood friends to form Untapped Scholars, Inc., the Purdue University educated Johnson also serves as a financial blogger and social media personality teaching principles of investing & personal finance. Working by day as a supply chain professional in healthcare manufacturing and by night as the father of two children, Josh is driven by the needs of the middle class and the virtues of charity and education. To Josh Johnson, the American Dream isn’t a dream at all, it’s an attainable reality for all who desire to take action.




(Director, Co-Founder)

A Saint Louis, MO native and now New York transplant, Chris believes in finding ones purpose and having the support both socially and financially to do so. An electrical engineering grad from Tufts University, Chris understands the obstacles faced and lessons learned as a minority in STEM. He believes that these experiences and life hacks will be of great value to youth with aspirations of being our future doctors, engineers, mathematicians, etc. As a founder of Untapped Scholars, Chris is passionate about giving students opportunities to pursue their dreams by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to be successful.


charonn woods m.d.


Dr. Charonn Woods is dedicated to diversifying the work force by providing enriching opportunities for minority youth. Growing up in inner city St. Louis, he saw the impact of positive role models and effective community outreach. A graduate of St. Louis University School of Medicine, Dr. Woods left a lasting legacy by founding the Minority Males in Medicine Initiative. Now, as a board member of Untapped Scholars, Dr. Woods brings his prior knowledge and success of navigating through the healthcare field.