Untapped Scholars’ mission is to create a stronger community by assisting underrepresented black males in their efforts to matriculate through 4-year STEM programs and become qualified professionals.


To propel the evolution of black males who possess untapped potential and seek to further their educational journeys in STEM fields. The goal is to broaden their realms of opportunity by attending prominent colleges and universities without the pressures of financial deficiencies.


Untapped Scholars was formed in direct response to the stagnant number of minority males earning bachelor’s degrees from STEM programs across the country. The objective of the organization is to identify students who are affected by socioeconomic inhibitors and offer positive support to assist in averting pitfalls that can hinder their ambitions. The focus is slightly different at each level but the intention remains the same; to enable the youth to make positive changes in their lives as well as their communities, and to remain in pursuit of the following pillars.

  • Empowerment - Untapped Scholars broadens the spectrum of opportunities available by offering mentoring programs focusing on professional careers in STEM.
  • Excellence - Untapped Scholars perpetuates academic enrollment and graduation in STEM fields as well as to assist in the transition from student to qualified professional.
  • Engagement - The overall focus of Untapped Scholars is to encourage students to become trailblazers in their communities through guided outreach activities and building relationships.