Where your contribution goes:

Untapped Scholars, Inc. is dedicated to providing high impact assistance in our community. We ensure that every dollar of your donation is put to use as funding for one or more of our mentoring programs and/or scholarship opportunities. As a start-up 501(c)(3) in the educational charity space, there are incurred administrative and operations cost that we intend to keep on the lower side of industry average.  For the fiscal year 2016-2017. The estimate break down is as follows:

  • an estimate 50% of proceeds from donations will contribute to the Scholastic Excellence Awards for the 2017 award date
  • an estimate 40% of proceeds from donations will contribute to the 2017 No Ceiling Mentoring Program
  • an estimate 10% of proceeds from donations will contribute to Untapped Scholars, Inc. endowment fund, business operations, and administrative costs

What your contribution will do:

Untapped Scholars pillars of Empowerment, Excellence, and Engagement are not only in our vision, but in our day-to-day operations. We strive to maintain excellence in financial stewardship and responsible business practices. It is important to know that your financial contributions will be used as the foundation for which we plan to carry out the following efforts:

  1. Funding STEM awareness initiatives catered toward underprivileged students
  2. Preparing high school students with the skills they will need to achieve academic excellence in collegiate STEM programs
  3. Support our collegiate members with:
    • Summer bridge program opportunities
    • Additional scholarships
    • Tutoring, mentoring, and a continuous presence
  4. Enhancing the reach and effectiveness of Untapped Scholars programs 

PayPal helps your gifts do more good

  1. PayPal verifies that receiving charities have tax-exempt status with the IRS and are not on recognized economic sanctions lists.
  2. When you donate through PayPal Giving Fund, all fees are waive (more of your money goes to Untapped Scholars).
  3. After you donate, you’ll get your PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt by email.